juleswag: Do you like girls with noses piercings? Like do you think its hot or a total turn off?

I mean I think cailin russo is the hottest thing since sliced bread so

Anonymous: we all know stephen isn't 16. HOW OLD IS HE!?


Anonymous: What music were you raised on ? Like if you were to think of your childhood, what artists or style would immediately come to mind


Anonymous: Why does no one ever properly answer this question yo like seriously, how old is Stephen?

HES 16 

Anonymous: What's your ethnicity? Italian and what else?

italian and norwegian 

mayatheunicorn: Favorite Childish Gambino song? Whether old or from his new album.

pink toes or Oakland 

hoodratsnkids: would u go gay for tyler the creator

No lol

smellashortpanda: Did you watch any YouTubers before you became a youtuber? If so which ones?

Kassem g!