do you ever just get in a mood where you really love cereal


(via pizza)

catherinemichellex93 asked:
You probably have answered this before but aside from John Mayer what are your other favorite artists/bands? Also are you going to any other music festivals aside from the potential one in London? I heard the lineup for Governor's Ball is wicked awesome this year.

i like superrrr into amy winehouse right now, but as far as bands. i really like two door, bombay bicycle club, starting to get into the arctic monkeys, fall out boy is cool, panic is cool, the word alive is fuckin dope, die antwoord is amazing, and bb king is my idol 

intothe-paradise asked:
What's the biggest thing you have planned non youtube related this summer ? :)

thinkin about going to a music festival in london just for fun, but well see if i have the money for it 

Anonymous asked:
Describe your perfect girl

lots of money and low self esteem and vulnerable 


um, i like girls who are themselves. Like if youre just obviously trying to be super cool thats the most unattractive shit ever 

Anonymous asked:
You responded that you would wanna have a conversation with whoever wrote that because you give off such good vibes, which is true. But, anytime fans near sdk, it's just quick picture and go. I think if a fan were to ask you to hang out you guys wouldn't be so down.

It all depends on the situation, I met a girl viewer in the city the other day and we talked for like 10 minutes. But if we’re at an event there isnt any time to sit down and talk to anyone which SUCKS because most of you guys are pretty cool 

steve-harvey-my-savior asked:
if you had the chance to move to LA would you take it?

no, im a nyc type of person 

id only go out to LA if i had some really amazing job opportunity, i wouldn’t stay there though.

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