Anonymous: In grade 6 I did a report on Oprah and I got 100% on it Holla at the fruitbasketeers


Anonymous: Can I be honest? I like you but I do not see how you are friends with Joe Santagato. He comes off as the odd ball of SDK who has a large following by putting other people down and talking about boobs 24/7. You all associate with that mess. I'll support you though no matter what because you're DIFFERENT.

Isnt that the great part about SDK? Theres someone for everyone! Were all SUPER different! So you dont like Joe, theres people out there who probably think I suck and only watch SDK for Joe and Jonah, just how it is. Personally, hes one of my favorite vloggers and I think hes hilarious. The channel would be wack if we were all the same. 

Anonymous: you said that youtubers cant do free meet ups but last year Jc did one in san antonio at a park and it didnt get stopped since us fans respected everything and didnt go completely crazy, we formed a lane and everything so i feel like if yall can do meets up just make sure people dont go crazy

im sure we could get away with it but its just the big what-if, the one free one we did a girl drove from florida like what if that got shut down? she came all that way for nothing! Also, we could only do free ones in the tri state area anywhere we would need a flight isnt do-able like nobody can afford flights and hotels across the country haha 

Anonymous: What would you do if you won the lottery?

buy my moms a house (thts my dream) 

Anonymous: Why are you always up so late??

shit its early still! 

Anonymous: what other rappers do you listen too?

asap, cudi, joey bada$$, kendrick, kanye, j cole is cool, drake is good, vince staples, vic mensa, action bronson, big sean is cool sometimes, danny fucking brown, wiz is cool, snoop is cool sometimes, goldlink is nasty, audio push has some good new shit, mf doom! pharrell can spit, nicki minaj is cool, ive never heard an ab-soul song where hes by himself but i like his features, um yeah thats a lot of them 

Anonymous: Why isn't Nolan in SDK

he is 

Anonymous: Who are your top 3 rappers?

tyler and chance and bino and earl and mac sorry thats 5 had to